Medical Law

The firm’s legal team has expertise in Medical Law covering a wide range of medical and healthcare law issues by representing in and out of Court, patients and doctors and other Healthcare professionals and organisations. The issues arise not only from medical negligence cases, but additionally through wider concepts, such as Medically Assisted Reproduction and other ethico-legal matters.

Medical & Clinical Negligence cases

Representing Patients and Healthcare Professionals in Medical Negligence claims from wrongful diagnosis, treatment and misinformation that may occur in the various fields of Medicine.

Administrative Investigations

Representation in Administrative Investigations against and for Healthcare Professionals before Hospitals’ Patient Rights Officers or Regional Complaints Investigation Committees or at the top level Investigation by the Ministry of Health and in addition representing clients in other Private Hospital Committees and Boards of investigational nature.

Disciplinary Proceedings

Representation of Complainants and Defendants before the Disciplinary Council of Cyprus Medical Association (Ethics Committee) and other Healthcare organisational Boards.

Medically Assisted Reproduction (MAR)

Handling procedures to Courts and to the MAR Council, among others, for the issuance of Surrogacy Court order, permission for renewal of the cryopreservation of gametes and embryos, applications for accessing genetic information on the classified national donors’ record.

Regulatory Counselling

Revising and providing counselling and drafting of Intra and Extra HealthCare Organisations’ Regulations, such as regulations, agreements, disclaimers and consent forms for patients.

Medico-legal Reports

Cooperation with medical, and other healthcare and coroner-forensic experts for the composition of medico-legal reports, not limited to medical negligence claims but generally to personal injury cases as well.

Mental Health Law

Handling applications for Compulsory Treatment Orders (CTO), variation of detention conditions of compulsory detained mental patients, and even the administration of property and affairs of permanently and temporary incapacitated persons.

Living Wills - Advanced Directives

Drafting and enforcing a document that enables individuals to state and execute their wishes for the manner and circumstances of their end-of-life medical care, in the event of becoming incapacitated to represent themselves.

Cross-Border Healthcare

Handling representation for applications to be treated in another EU Member State, by receiving national coverage for the resulted hospitalisation and pharmaceutical expenses.

Death Inquisitions-Inquests

Handling the representation of the deceased’s family not merely from deaths connected to medical negligence claims but in addition to other death occurrences as well, e.g. work accidents.

Access to Medical Records

Acquisition of Medical Records and Certificates, and prohibition of such access by unauthorised persons, in connection to filing complaints and taking action, among others, to the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection.

Administrative Recourses for Patients and Beneficiaries

Handling Administrative Recourses before the Medical Council, the Secondary Medical Council and the Administrative Court for matters such as Disability Allowance, Personal Injury Allowance and Illness Allowance.

Administrative Recourses for Healthcare Professionals

For matters such as promotion, transfer and appointment of Health Care professionals in the public sector and for the recognition of numerous Healthcare specialisations as well.

Insurance Claims

Representation before Insurance Companies for receiving monetary and other coverage under relevant Health and Life Insurance Policies.

Preparation of legal opinions on Medical and Healthcare Law matters in general.