About us

The Firm

The Law Firm of P. Angelides & Co LLC has been providing quality legal services in Cyprus and Internationally for many years. The lawyers of our firm are capable of handling cases from all areas of the law. This grants us the advantage to provide quality legal services in many areas of practice. We hope you will meet our highly capable and experienced legal team and allow us to work together for your interest.


Confronting the legal system in a certain country alone can be bewildering, to say the least. You need a law expert on your side that can help ensure that your rights are not being overlooked or even disregarded and that your welfare is not being compromised. With years of experience on our record, we are fully qualified to help you address your legal interests and burden. We encourage you to contact us, as soon as possible to line up a consultation with a lawyer at our office.  We can meet in person, through email or over the phone to discuss the details of your case and to initiate the most efficient strategy and the best course of action for your case.


The firm also maintains separate Corporate and Intellectual Property Departments which maintain strong connections with many countries across the world. A central value ingrained in the firm is its clients and associates must receive the best services whilst being cost effective and of the highest quality. This holds true for all services provided by P. Angelides & Co LLC.

Who We Are

P. Angelides & Co LLC is a law firm founded by Mr Pavlos Angelides, one of the leading litigation lawyers in Cyprus. The firm possesses one of the best litigation teams in Cyprus, handling almost any kind of case. The members of our litigation team have been pioneers in many areas of the law including banking, the bail-in reconstruction of banks, taxation, constitutional, tort, corporate, insurance claims, intellectual property infringement, immovable property, family, administrative and criminal law.

Many of the cases successfully handled by members of our litigation team are judicial precedents and are now considered authorities which constitute case studies for local universities. In particular, Mr Pavlos Angelides led the legal movement against the Bail-in which was conducted after the events of March 2013 in Cyprus, was the pioneer against the illegalities conducted by banks against their clients, stood successfully and defended The Financial Times in the case of Tassos Papadopoulos v The Financial Times, with Tassos Papadopoulos being the president of the Republic of Cyprus at the time.


There is a plethora of reasons justifying how attractive Cyprus can be to foreign investors, one of which is the holding company regime. It can be characterised as one of the most advantageous in the EU and the most attractive feature of the Cypriot tax system through: uniform 12,5% corporate tax on net profits , being the lowest rate in Europe, extensive network of double tax treaties, flow of dividends through Cyprus totally tax free, no withholding tax on dividends distributed by the Cyprus entity to its non resident shareholders, approachable company incorporation and operating costs, capacity to register for VAT purpose, exemption of estate duty on inheritable shares, low income tax for expatriates as well as beneficial tax system for pensioners.


Banking, trade finance, wealth management, trusts, fund administration and management are all fast-growing segments of the island’s finance industry. Financial and business services are expected to grow exponentially in the next years as Cyprus’ reputation for stability and security is enhanced by the resilience of the island’s banks and financial institutions in the face of the global financial crisis.


Furthermore, the strategic location of the island between Western Europe and the Middle and Far East combined with some of the most advanced telecommunications in the world, has rendered Cyprus one of the leading international business centres with favourable operating conditions for international business clients.

Our History

1978, Beginning

The founder of our firm Mr Pavlos Angelides started practising law in Cyprus and established his first law firm in Nicosia, capital of Cyprus and main commercial hub.

1983, First Partnership

The founder of our firm created his first Law Firm Partnership which led to the creation of one island’s most prominent law firms at the time which in 2009 transferred its practise to a lawyers limited liability company under the same management and structure. Our founder headed its Litigation Practise from 1983 to 2014 when the shareholders of the law firm agreed to its dissolution.

2014, P. Angelides & Co LLC

In 2014 the firm P. Angelides & Co LLC was established after the dissolution of the previous partnership. P. Angelides & Co LLC recruited 10 new employees to service its transferred client base and to provide for the expansion plans of its Corporate and Intellectual Property Departments. The firm retained the offices used by the previous law firm.

2015, New Offices

P. Angelides & Co LLC moved to its new offices in Nicosia near the District Court of Nicosia. Keeping its initial base in Nicosia, which is the capital of Cyprus and the main commercial centre, the firm continues consistently to expand its services in Cyprus and in Europe to serve its international clients’ needs.

2020, Rubedo Trust Limited

Rubedo Trust Limited is established to offer various services, ranging from Tax, Advisory, Corporate Administration, Fiduciary Services and Business Marketing support to P. Angelides & Co LLC and independent clients. Rubedo Trust is a P. Angelides & Co LLC affiliated company and a registered Administrative Services Provider.

2021, Logo Redesign

P. Angelides & Co LLC shifted from its initial logo adopted in 2014 to a sleeker and cleaner design opting to remove the full company name from the logo used and adopting “angelides.law” as part of its new logo to follow with the domain change of the law firm’s website and emails.

2023, Office Renovation

In 2023 we plan to reduce emissions; use of electricity generated through non-renewable energy and install systems provided for use of renewable energy to be line with our new Environmental Policy.