Notice: Change in Working Hours

The change in working hours will be operative from 4th September 2023. Following extensive consultation with employees, these changes allow greater flexibility for our people following our commitment to supporting working patterns accelerated by the recent pandemic. These changes will help embed a hybrid working model and align with our Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility standards.

These changes are part of a two-way flexibility and trust model to meet the needs of our people, clients and the firm. Working a reduced working day on a Friday year-round allows our people finish at lunchtime without requiring from them to condense their working week with the aim of granting a longer weekend and opportunity to spend more time with their families, pursuing their hobbies and out of work goals. Total weekly working hours are set at 37 hours for full-timers meaning that through rotating shifts our firm remains open for more hours to service our clients, whilst at the same time our people are allowed greater flexibility which we believe is a necessary change following working patterns being developed post pandemic with the assistance of improving technology and the care we must display for the mental health of our people and their life outside work.

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